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Discovery Tajikistan travel guide #2/2010


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From Editor

Just, but really just back at my desk from my first ever travel to Tajikistan, to meet those who are involved in tourism and tourism development and probably most of all, to make a long standing wish come true. A Journey to Tajikistan. more

My travel story: The Rooftop of the World

For people attracted to wilderness, to nature at its most dramatic, to adventure and discovery, the legendary Pamir Highway has an irresistible lure. more

Staying in the Pamirs in style
Traveling to some of the most exotic and remote places in the world and still be able to stay there in style and comfort? The Serena Chain has brought its tried and trusted successful concept to Tajikistan; design based on authentic traditional crafts combined with the best of service. It is no longer a secret that since recently, the place to stay when traveling around Tajikistan is the Serena Inn Khorog. more
Goulya's Outdoor Adventures
Visiting Tajikistan for business or tourism; for short or long stays; alone or with friends or family?
- Excursions to the museums and bazaars of Dushanbe, antiques and souvenir shops, jewelry and carpets sellers
- One, two-days hiking around Dushanbe
- Long trekking to the Fann Mountains and Yaghnob Valley
- Jeep-tours through the Pamirs
- Visa support and special permits to visit GBAO (Pamirs). more
Alexander the Great on Iskander's trail in Tajikistan
There has never been another man in all the world, of Greek or any other blood, who by his own hand succeeded in so many brilliant enterprises Arrian. more
ABC of Tajikistan
Badakhshan. The capital of this autonomous region in the heart of the Pamirs is Khorog with about 20’000 inhabitants. The traditional way of life of the Pamiri peoples, has been preserved to the present day. The Pamiri homes are built around a large enclosed central room, with 5 pillars holding up the wooden ceiling. more

The city thus controlled the entire traffic and at the time used its prime location to its best advantage levying heavy taxes on the goods entering and leaving the valley. In modern times, a new road into the Ferghana Valley was blasted further north over the 2268m high Kamchik pass on the southern slopes of the Chatgal range. more

Along the Pyanj in the Wakhan Valley
Krystyna Marty started working at the Embassy of Switzerland in Tashkent three years ago . Being interested in all aspects of Central Asian culture and her love for traveling have made her one of the knowledgeable Western travelers. more
My travel story: Trekking in the Fann Mountains
One of the truly best combination tours in Central Asia comprises the fascinating contrast between the Tajik urban culture of old Bukhara and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, both over 2500 years old, and trekking in the unspoilt natural environment of the Fann mountains in Tajikistan, where the way of life has not changed much over the centuries. more
On a musical journey around Ishkashim
Katja Daniela Hillebrand is Swiss and one of the few Westerners who has explored Central Asia for the last 15 years touching on the most remote and therefore interesting areas imaginable. more

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