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Discovery Tajikistan travel guide #2/2010


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Goulya's Outdoor Adventures

Visiting Tajikistan for business or tourism; for short or long stays; alone or with friends or family?
- Excursions to the museums and bazaars of Dushanbe, antiques and souvenir shops, jewelry and carpets sellers
- One, two-days hiking around Dushanbe
- Long trekking to the Fann Mountains and Yaghnob Valley
- Jeep-tours through the Pamirs
- Visa support and special permits to visit GBAO (Pamirs)

Dushanbe and Surroundings
Tajikistan is only just getting re-discovered for tourism. Where can you still find places and people still untouched by civilization and modernization? Even Dushanbe, the capital, has a laid-back oriental charm. Let me show you the bazaars, the Museum of Antiquities, the Museum of musical instruments, let me introduce you to established artists & fine craftspeople, help you with all things administrative and show you the best restaurants & cafes in town

Varzob Valley, Karatag Valley and Romit Valley Destinations for Hiking
Being in Dushanbe, you can access the mountains easily and fast. Only 1-2 hours driving from Dushanbe, 2-3 hours hiking and you find yourself surrounded by majestic mountains, lakes, waterfalls and rivers

Even if you are not an experienced hiker you will have an unforgettable time up there and the chance to take gorgeous pictures of Tajik flora and fauna

Your hike will be adapted exactly to your technical level and the shape you are in

Want something more exclusive and challenging? What about hiking to 4000m altitude in 1day without special equipment and skills? Possible! and from what I hear from those in my group after the hike, this is for many the “high of their life”

Fann Mountains
You have extra time on your hands and an overabundant adventure spirit? Then come with us to explore the beautiful alpine nature of the Fann Mountains where amazing blue lakes are like pearls reflecting the sky, scattered by an invisible magician. Easy, comfortable trekking for a week or more for individuals and groups or climbing to one of the surrounding peaks of 5000m

Yaghnob Valley
one of the wildest and most isolated rural areas in Central Tajikistan and therefore all the more requested.

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